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This is a meditation of Inner Love & Discovery. Allow yourself to drop into the truth of who you are and what is Sourcing all of life.

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This is a 10-minute meditation to Re-Center - To re-connect with your Self. To remember who You are. This meditation helps you disconnect from the outer world, the collective stories, the stories of others...even your own story... To discover what is within, waiting, breathing, Being. And ultimately to help guide you back into the Present Moment to reconnect with your Beautiful Self.

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September 24, 2019

Spiritual Platitudes

How many phrases do you regurgitate to others without thinking? When it comes to spirituality, when we do this, we reinforce beliefs within us without thinking. It is essential to think about our beliefs!
Where do they come from?
Who said it?
Is it relevant to my life?
Phrases such as:
Everything happens for a reason...
You’re exactly where you’re meant to be...
The Universe is looking out for you...
You’re on your path leading to your destiny...
I always have enough...
These all sound beautiful...so how can these possibly have negative consequences?
Many light workers are stuck because they are not questioning their belief systems - and it's the spiritual platitudes that are so cleverly hidden because they sound so positive. And these are the ones we need to seek out the most.
So often we can become stuck, leading to deeper and deeper depression because of our belief systems. For me, trying to step out as a lightworker, express my purpose, be successful, live in this world was due to my belief systems. And it was my spiritual beliefs that actually created more of the problem. Explore more in this podcast.
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This podcast explores Belief systems based on another fascinating podcast I listened to with Megan Phelps Roper (highly recommend listening to it, search Joe Rogan #974). What happens when we listen instead of talking everything personal, making everything about ourselves? What is our agenda, essentially?

How does grouping people together serve them or us?

Is there a different way of speaking our truth? And is our ego involved in a lot of this standing our ground?

Explore more in this podcast

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{This episode is a recording of a video I recorded for my YouTube Channel. To watch the YT video, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU0LzIqw4g8 }

What are the conscious and unconscious agreements you have in your life?

These can relate to anything, from Relationships to Money. I's crucial to be aware of the Toxic Lockins we have made in our life if we truly want change. This video also explores what happens if we label ourselves and surround ourselves ONLY with those who share the same beliefs as us - and how it can significantly limit our reality. The life you lead depends upon the idea you have about life, at any given moment What happens when you want to evolve? Explore more in this video.

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August 25, 2019

Prayers for the Amazon

This is a recording of a live webinar I held to offer our prayers for the Amazon. It includes a guided meditation journey to offer a Healing vibration for our beautiful Sacred forest. As we do, we observe the damage that is being undertaken by humanity and ask for forgiveness on behalf of the collective. We offer healing light. We hold space for those who are undertaking the damage to shift themselves. And we hold the highest intent for the Amazon to thrive, revive and restore.

There is great power in collective group prayer, in shifting consciousness. This is why so many individuals are awake during these times right now - because each individual has offered their frequency into the collective, to raise the consciousness of all.

(To re-listen to the Meditation only, please visit here: https://soundcloud.com/vazsriharan/prayers-for-the-amazon-meditation )

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In this episode of the Lightworker's Journey Podcast I catch up with a good friend and powerful lightworker in the field Meg Benedicte, here with a video & audio podcast. Meg is a mover and shaker in the consciousness field. We discuss themes from Leyline activations (aka Gridwork), the polarising divisions that are occurring in the Ascension and Disclosure movements during these times, and discussing Meg's unique way of working with multidimensional reality.
For video podcast please visit: https://youtu.be/yr0q_d8LBJI


'It was during the 1994 Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles that Meg experienced a spontaneous kundalini activation that opened her energy body to accept an angelic Soul Walk-In…a feminine aspect of Archangel Metatron’s soul group. This experience was life-transforming as Meg discovered through the guidance and wisdom of Metatron the magnitude of change possible when tapping into the Zero Point Field.'.
Discover more about Meg here: http://www.newearthcentral.com


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If we focus our healing just on where we have been victimised, we perpetuate an idea that we are a victim. In truth, we are all both the victim and persecutor in different areas of our life. So how does this relate to our healing process?

Naturally we will be drawn to heal the areas we have wounds - and this generally relates to where we have been hurt, traumatised ourselves. What happens when we look at the other areas? This is different to guilt, as guilt is still generally about ourselves. Often the areas where we have been the persecutor are times and experiences that are not in our memories, they are in others. As we don’t know how we affect others, truly.

This isn't to create more guilt! It’s to open to a deeper, truer, richer level of forgiveness and compassion.

And here, as we embrace the Persecutor within….we embrace an aspect of our Power that we may be hiding from…

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What does it mean to Show up in your life?

In Relationships. With your Life Purpose. With your Conversations…?

Showing up shows us how we are living our truth. Are we living a lie or are we living the liberation that our soul is craving for?

How can showing up make us feel alive?

Showing up puts us back in the driving seat of Life itself. And here we realise, hang on, this is what I signed up for.

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For along time on my path I felt insecure because spiritual teachers were somehow sorted and I wasn’t. Then I became a facilitator and realised I was also somehow projecting this, as I believed I had to be sorted to assist others! So my drive now is to assist in dismantling this idea, this persona that we are creating as a subculture. It makes sense why this is needed in many cases yet we are moving into a new energy and understanding of growth, spirituality and being human.

We are continually moving through cycles of feeling lost and discovering what works in our lives.

Do we ever ’find’ ourselves?

Explore more in this episode!

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This is part 2 in the Sacred Story Series. If you haven't listened to Part 1, please do so here: https://vazsriharan.podbean.com/e/46-what-s-your-story/

This was recorded in Bali last year. It relates to Writing out Your New Story….by first exploring your Old Story. There is so much power in this!

This involves exploring what the old story is that we desperately hold onto, as well as growth exercises I recorded as part of a series for clients.

I really invite you to explore your Stories through these exercises, it will revolutionise your life.


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In this episode I speak with lightworker Alexandra Wenman in this fascinating chat about the Ascension process. Alexandra shares about her own experiences with multidimensionality, as she has been tapped into the other side since a child. Using her abilities to see past & future lives has been part of Alexandra's journey in developing and channel a unique healing modality ~ Precious Wisdom ~ to work with this new consciousness.

Alexandra also shares her passion for the science behind the esoteric nature of what she speaks about and the shift in the planet's tilt that has been potentially related to earlier cataclysms we are still healing.

Explore more in this episode!

Discover more about Alexandra here: https://www.alexandrawenman.com/

For more podcasts please visit: www.vazsriharan.podbean.com

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In this episode I catch up with a good friend and powerful lightworker in the field Steve Nobel, who is shifting consciousness in a big way. Steve shares about the realities of being a lightworker/starseed on the planet right now, how to deal with the ups & downs - what they could mean. And also the notion of Timelines. What timeline are we on right now?

What is the timeline for the 5D ascension - that has been prophecies since the dawn of time...?

Explore more in this episode!

Discover more about Steve’s work here: https://www.thesoulmatrix.com

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I recorded this podcast to share in advance of a series of further podcasts related your Story.

What is your relationship with Suffering? Do you have an addiction to suffering? Do you yearn for a life of ease? What does that mean?

Does a desire for a life of ease actually create more suffering?

This episode explores Pain, Suffering, Ease, Adventure and how they are intrinsically entwined. Do you have an amazing day and then you feel crap another day. Or you have a week of flowing and a week of not flowing. What does it mean when this means or more importantly, how do we perceive this? And then how do we engage with this. 

Do you have an addiction to Suffering? This is something I have mentioned in other podcasts and have been exploring for the past couple of years in a deeper way. Here sharing some deeper insights of late.

Paradoxically, what if your perception of suffering changes where you even seek out the challenges in life?

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Free Transformational Healing Experience for Past Life Clearing!

Vaz & Adya speak about how Past Lives have a direct impact in our current incarnation; and how Ancestrally there are traumas passed down the family lineage. Themes and issues are karmic and reverberate across your lifetimes, to carry powerful growth lessons. However in many cases, we can feel tremendously limited by past life traumas that can hold us back in our lives. 

In this workshop we will work specifically with the theme of Relationship Trauma over the course of incarnations. Many traumas from relationships echo across lifetimes and create blocks in this incarnation, in a genuine effort to "protect from further pain". For example, rejection, betrayal, abandoment; losing loved ones in a war; guilt for leaving a family behind by a sudden unforseen departure; love triangles; attracting unavailable partners. These can all create repetitions in this lifetime of the same dynamics, replaying an older story.

As we heal on an Ancestral & Past Life level, we command from a higher energy to release vows, commands, contracts, karmic cycles that are creating a psychic block to whatever healing we may be attempting in this lifetime. Essentially you choose a new story.

This work helps migrate from karmic relationships into Conscious Soul Connections.


  • Channelled Teaching by Vaz & Adya about Past Lives & Ancestral Themes

  • Tapping & Activational Commands: Releasing Core Beliefs & Patterns from across Time


  • Ancestral Clearing: Ancestral, Past Life, Genetic, Societal, Cultural, Environmental, Familial, 3D Matrix.

  • Recalibration: Meeting your Past Lives with Absolute Love

  • Loving Integration of your Past Life Soul Growth Lessons: Working with Unconditional Love & Higher Consciousness to heal your Past Lives. Intergrating the Soul Growth Lessons into your life.

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In this episode we welcome in guest Adya Nova (also my fiancee), as we discuss Other Realities and Spirit Guides! Adya is a Visionary Artist, Healer & Retreat Facilitator who brings through channelled paintings of people's spirit guides, guardian angels and star guides.

We discuss Adya's experiences of Other Realms and how she creates spaces for souls to reconnect with their Spiritual Support - aka Your Spirit Guides. Exploring Angelic, Starseed, Lemurian and more..

Enjoy the experience! If you're interested in exploring more of Adya's work and connecting with her paintings, visit www.adyanova.com 

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This is a live & audio transmission channelled by Vaz Sriharan and Adya Nova from the power spot of Bali. This transmission is designed for Lightworkers, Empaths and Starseeds experiencing the intensities of Ascension symptoms upon this path during this time. 

These include: Body Fatigue; Extreme Transformation Side-effects: Excessive need for inner Healing & Fixing; Extreme 'Empathic' Sensitivity; Intense Critical Thinking; Extreme Analysis; Self Sabotage... and more.

All of these symptoms are related to a denser reality that you are choosing to move beyond. As you do, you embrace a totally new way of living - in a more refined, beautiful way, where you experience an easier flow and synchronicity guiding each step. This isn't an easy process as we are all discovering, because we have inner conflict of ideas and beliefs grasping for familiarity, which is rooted in suffering.


During the first part of the transmission your field will be purified from denser energies and entities that are influencing many lightworkers during this time. Also a deep clearing of attachments, old matrices and paradigms that are desperately holding on and specifically seeking out those who are standing in the light. 

Many of us are like sponges, psychically absorbing our environment and believing it is all our fears, patterns, insecurities & emotional outbursts. We are shown time and time again that most of it isn't actually ours and without blame we can let these pass through us when we begin to understand this deeper.

We are providing this transmission to offer a deep cleanse for those who are here to radiate light, protect and strengthen your fields on multidimensional levels.

The second part of the transmission is an Activation, working with the Planetary Light Grids to anchor your frequency into a clearer perspective, a more refined reality, as if to clean the dust off the lens that you have been conditioned to view the world through. This Consciousness is always here, calling you to transition into. You may feel these fresh possibilities calling you in, as if you have one foot in one reality and the other foot in a completely different one, with more magic & joy as its primary vibration. 

This Activation will help to ground you in this fresh reality and allow for integration into intuitive flow, joyful action & inspiration for your path.

We will be Channelling and working with Planetary Light Grids, the Lightworker Greater Soul Family, Lemurians, Highly evolved beings from the Galactic Federation overseeing the Ascension, as well as your soul & star family.

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In this episode I share some of the ideas surrounding the Atlantis vs Lemurian war we are healing during these times. I share some of the insights I have been receiving from my Atlantean guides who have entered my field recently.

We are living in a time where are being asked to bring together so many elements together, in a form of integration.  Our history shows two paths that are no converging as The Mind, Body, Ego, Heart, Spirit is asking in some way to be allowed to co-exist. 

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