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April 16, 2020

Living with the Mystery (Channeled)

This theme reflects how I have come to view life and approaching all the things that come my way. Seeing life this way has not come easy and has involved many core paradigm shifts for myself. Yet ever since embodying a way of life that involves the Mystery I have found that I can meet all situations I encounter with deeper faith, flexibility and navigate through them with more awareness. This session brings through some key concepts to support you in dealing with challenging situations, experiences as well as the very nature of Change.

Join me on Sunday's for my Divine I AM Transmissions, see more below:

Cellular / Emotional Release & Clearing, Spiritual Reconnection, Multidimensional Activations, DNA calibrations, Strengthening Connection to Spirit Guides & Star Family, Awakening of Inner Wisdom, Peace, Guidance & Joy

(pay what you can afford): https://www.vazsriharan.com/weeklydivineiamtransmissions

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