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March 3, 2020

Life, Relationships & Spiritual Contracts - with Melissa Kitto

"There is a language of energy where you can start feeling from people, environment or opportunities that guide you the way"

I had an Amazing chat with Melissa Kitto just last week, there are so many treasures in this. Melissa opens up about her own journey, her changes and how she rides Life. Love her realness. We covered so many themes here: Her Life story, Relationships, her recent divorce, what its like to be a spiritual teacher and be Real, Sensitivity, Spiritual Contracts, Discernment.

Melissa works with people to develop their Intuition and she shares her fascinating perspectives on life through this intuitive lens, as well as an energetic look at the year.

This is a rich conversation. Check it out.

Discover more about Melissa’s work here: https://communicatewithangels.com


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